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Friday, August 15, 2008

Reflections of a Mall Mom...

I spent today at the mall with my youngest son, shopping for school clothes. This will be his senior year and while wandering around Holister's dimly lit interior, straining to hear my son's comments over the ear-splitting music, the reality of this hit me. My first school shopping experience was twenty-two years ago when my daughter entered kindergarten; since then I've logged many mall miles and spent outrageous amounts of money on the 'in' thing (always different, never easy to find.) I've done this for so long that I never really thought about the fact that it would end! Quite frankly, I'm not sure I'm going to handle this year of 'lasts' in an adult, dignified manner. I've made it through three high school graduations, two college graduations, one marriage, and the birth of a grandchild without dissolving into tears; these days, just calling the photographer about senior pictures sends me running for Kleenex! It seems that as the other kids got older I was able to look forward to the new things in their lives; I've found that getting to know your adult child can be as wondrous as those first days with a newborn. However, I'm finding it hard to let go of this last baby...hope I don't drive myself, and him, insane over the next year!


Anonymous said...

With your last 'baby', this'll probably be one of the most exciting, rewarding, and interesting experiences yet seemingly because it's your last child. Don't worry if tears are shed and you wind up using up an entire box of kleenex because we do typically mourn the loss of our 'babies' while welcoming them into the comforts and uncertainties of adulthood. Just enjoy the beautiful transformation. :)

Raisa said...

I've always been told that until you're 25 years old you have to listen to your parents; after that they learn from you. I'm almost 23, so it's something I've been looking forward to. I bet being a parent is so much fun and the most exciting is when your protégé cuts the cord from you (or you from it) and experiences their life through the good that you taught them... and, of course, doesn't make the same mistakes you did (I hear that one a lot). Anyway, I think it would be the best part when they leave home so you can just sit back and admire your creation from afar... and then watch as they attempt at their own creations. It's kind of like retirement (or a vacation) - You work hard and then you just appreciate things and people for what and who they are simply because you can't mold them any further. So really, it's probably more stressful and sad for the children moving out (and moving on) since they have so much to measure up to when they have their own kids. Go moms! It's because of you the cycle of life is.... a cycle. Thanks!